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Bringing the magic of high-definition cinema and high-fidelity sound to where you work, live and play

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dreamscapes a/v provides discerning clients the most premium a/v solutions

Our clients choose us for hi-fi electronics, distributed audio and comprehensive room-isolation/acoustic-treatment options. We also provide fully optimized design, build and integration services for premier entertainment and specific-use spaces such as music studios,  and locations managing protected/sensitive information, etc. 

design & consult

Collaborate with our team for a customized project design that not only reflects your imaginative dreamscape but also perfectly fits your space.


We minimize sound leakage and optimize the acoustics of your entertainment space to ensure crystal-clear audio, minimize distraction and maximize the suspension of disbelief.

System installation

Enjoy professional installation of your audio/visual system, including surround sound, seating, projectors and retractable screens with thoughtful aesthetics throughout.

interiors & lighting

Enhance the ambiance and visual appeal of your entertainment space. From seating arrangements to lighting fixtures, we create a captivating and comfortable space.

automation & integration

We assess your current installation of smart home systems to leverage integration & automation opportunities to ensure effortless management and ease of use.

state-of-the-art technologies

We work with the most well-regarded brands recognized for high quality products and innovative technologies that deliver the most exhilarating entertainment experiences.

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We work with the industry’s most
premium brands

Our rapidly expanding portfolio of premium brands includes the highest quality audio/visual products available (in stock)! 

About Us

Let us help you Make your dream
space a Reality

Together, let’s create your fantasy space – so you can start living your dream NOW!

Dubbed “The Thinking Person’s A/V Integrator” by Keith Yates

DreamScapes A/V are industry veterans with the knowledge, passion and skills to delight those in pursuit of state-of-the-art home entertainment experiences. We are uniquely positioned to exceed expectations through science-based room engineering and entertainment space design and installation expertise.

60+ Years of Combined Industry Experience

We are a disabled-veteran owned company with over 60 years of combined design, build, and audio/visual industry experience and a long-term consulting relationship with Keith Yates Design (the recognized authority on theater and room acoustics).

“Beyond Expectations Outcomes”

We are committed to our art-craft of combining cutting-edge products, creative design and world-class acoustics engineering to create the highest performing, most impeccably finished entertainment spaces that achieve “beyond expectation” outcomes.